Should I attend my future sister-in-laws bridal shower?

In the last year, things have been rocky between she and I. She has intiated in talking about me to my husband's family. Her pouting has consisted of my husband and I not attending family events becuase we "don't want to". In the event of the family gatherings taking place, my husband and I have moved and had given birth to our second baby. Since moving, my husband and I have been doing fixer-upers with our new home to provide a safe enviornment for our young children. I have explained to her that it wasn't because we did "not want to go to family events" but becuase we had obligations with our new home, new baby, and /or young children. NOW, I see no point in going to her bridal shower after the sourness she has created between us and turmoil she is causing between my husband and his brother she is marrying. Should I go to her bridal shower or not?
By meagan 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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