What to do when...someone always wants emotional support but never gives any???

My mother-in-law always wants to flip everything to be about her. She never has supported our realtionship and probably never will. We have been married 4 years and together 6. My son is her first grand that she knew of till just recently. She found out that her daughter that she hasn't seen in years has a 6 year old daughter. Anyway the problem is...everytime my husband calls her for emotional support she wants support for herslef! Here are some examples...when we were to get married at the courhouse he called an d invited her. He left a message she never returned the call. When he finally spoke to her weeks later she said her son was sick. (her son was 15 at that time) When my son was born he called her left a message. She called weeks later and said her son was sick at that time but she would get there sooner or later. She never did...the frst time she saw my son he was 8 months old. We happened to pass her house and saw her car there so we stopped. She told my husband the night before that she was out of town! My son had to be put to sleep for dental work. My husband called her from the hospital. She said her son had to have the same type work done the next week. My son was hospitalized for a stomach virus. Husband called her she said her stomach was a mess too! My son was to be christened husband called to invite her she didn't answer. He left a message she called weeks later. Oh I had to go out of town was her response. This Wednesday was my son and husband's birthday they called her she went on and on about her acid reflux and how she may have to have surgery. My husband has reflux too and just got over the flu last week! Where was her sympathy for him? She didn't even call him! Though I never say a word it is so irritating to me! It 's always about her. Do I say something to my husband or just grin and bear it? He always comes to me feeling sooo sorry for her! He just can't see through this lady but I can!
By Lowalker 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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