Should I state my daughter in kindergarden at 5 or 6?

My daughter was born on September 1st which means we get to decide when to start her in school. She will either be the oldest in the class or the youngest.

Here's some additional information... Right now she is far advanced for her age. So much so that the Doctor is reccomending finding a private school for her which isn't really feasible for us. She has developed well socially and seems to be ready for school. We have a nephew that is 6 months older than she is but is VERY behind for his age because his parents neglect him. I don't want to hold her back just because we don't want to create any family hostility. We have a niece that is also a September baby that they started early. She was like our daughter and advanced for her age. She is 10 now and I am starting to see where she is still doing great academically but socially she seems to be struggling. She is also from the same negligent mother though and I can't tell if she'd be maturing better with someone setting a good example and talking to her about it or if it is really just because she is too young to be dealing with the social situations she is in. Please let me know if you've made this decision and how it worked out for you. Thanks so much!
By aprsno 15 years ago :: Parenting
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