How I can I continue to have a relationship with my non christian family?

I am a christian and my sister in law is all into new agey stuff. I love my bother and his kids but I just feel so uncomfortable in their house-books on cosmic energy, a statue of bhudda in the garden, their daughter's room(where I stay when I visit)has a bhudda poster and tibetian prayer flags and a painting of a partially nude woman in the living room and other non christian stuff all over the home. I try to just let them know I don't like that kind of thing but they seem to disregard my feelings. Such as prayer before a meal-why can't they just do it for me? I want to continue to visit and be a part of thier life. they can't visit me as I live in a very small flat . How can I make this right?
By saved 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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