I know that all this is wrong but is it really wrong since he had an arranged marriage?

I have been going with a married person for the past year. he is Indian so he had an arranged marriage. We meet at work 1 yr ago. He has a 3yr old daughter, and he has been married for 5 yrs. Im single with no kids. I know about his status since day one, he was the one who told me. For people who know how arrenged marriages works I guess I dont have to explian the whole situation that he is right now. He is willing to Leave his family and everything for me. By him doing that he is loosing his parents also. I love him with all my heart; He loves me so much that he will give his life for mines. He spends more time with me than he does with his family (daughter). The things is that as days go by is getting harder and harder to be without each other. We see each other at work witch is almost everyday and if one of us is off we stil find a way to go and meet. We spend VDay together and even our bdays. The worst part of all is that his boss as well as some co/workers knows about us some what (everything is in doubt for them). My father works in the same place where we all work so if all this goes out in the air he will be also involded without knowing anything. The thing that is getting me is that i actually want to be together with him but that means that we both have alot of problems to face once everyone knows. He has no problem with everyone knowing because he says that the important thing will be being with me. We both be loosing our families as well as some friends and we dont want to imagine how things will be at work. At this moment its really bothering the fact that he still with his wife and basically im waiting for him. I have talked to him about it, he asks me if im ready to face everything and everyone? HE says he is!! I guess I am too.. but i feel like he is not sure about me. Meaning that if we do everything and it goes out in the opend he wont have anyone besides me (he will be out by him self). Its sooo confusing because we have done sooo many things that if we look back we could have got caught in a heart beat with us knowing. Our love is so big but so complicated and confusing...!
By aridays 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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