should I ask my 18 yr. old son to move out.

My 18 yr. old son stays up till 3, 4 or even 5 am in the morning, then sleeps till late afternoon.
He currently has no job because of no call no show. He failed to en-roll for college in the first semester, however claims to be en-rolling for winter.
He did move out of my home directly out of high school for a few months because of an argument over his lack of effort to help around the house.
I requested that he move back home so as I can try to give him direction in life.
I don't seem to get the respect I deserve and can't figure out the best way to get through to my son. I pay for his car, cell phone and basic living expenses. Is tough love the only answer. When my son was out if the house for the few short months he lived with a friend that had the same characteristics as my son and my son liked the freedom, however he did loose 20 pounds which he really couldn't afford to loose. He is not a bad kid. and I'm trying to keep him headed in the right direction. I guess my biggest motivation for this question is the fact that anytime I point out a problem such as sleeping habits I get a song and dance and then it turns into a argument.
By geogeez 12 years ago :: Parenting
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