What do you think of this idea for a friend in mourning?

A good friend of mine, lets call her Naomi, lost her father in October. It wasn't completely unexpected as he had been in a care facility for a couple of years already but it was still incredibly upsetting for her & her family, obviously.

Anyway, I just got an email from another close friend letting me know that Naomi's maternal grandmother had passed away overnight & she is not coping very well with this second bereavement so soon after he Father's passing.

I would like to do something to make her life a little easier over the next week or so...she lives in Sydney, which is several hours away by car & have a new baby so I can't travel to see her & I know she will probably be drowning in floral arrangements & sympathy cards by now.

I want to do something USEFUL for her so I called a couple of the nicer restaurants in her area & asked about ordering her some individually portioned meals that will freeze well. I can pay on my credit card & have it delivered to her house with a note from the restaurant about freezing & reheating directions. The restaurants I called are fine about it & said it would be no problem to deliver but I just don't know if it will be appreciated or if I should just send the traditional flowers? What do you think?????
By Jane_Doe 15 years ago :: Friends
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