Do I cut off my cousin too?

My older sister and I were never close. She bullied me relentlessly from day one, I have the baby book entries from mom to prove it. We're now 31 and 29 years old and have had over the past few years, until recently, a pretty okay relationship. It's now tanked because I finally stood up for myself in an argument. I've un-friended her from my Facebook, we have to visit our family separately because she can't even be civil, it's over.

Anyway, my cousin, who I thought was a mutual friend, has been feeding my sister information from my Facebook site and twisting stuff around, basically feeding into my sister's crap. My sister doesn't even like my cousin but hangs out with her... it's complicated. AND I haven't said anything about my sister AT ALL on Facebook. It's just my cousin's and my sister's drama bullcrap. I know it seems like I should just delete Facebook but that's how I communicate with long distant friends.

My question is- do I deal with the drama of deleting my cousin from Facebook too and getting rid of her drama? I love her mom, my aunt/godmother, but I'm worried making my cousin mad will damage my aunt's relationship with me.

What makes this even more complicated is the fact that I'm going to start planning my wedding soon! I have no idea if the drama is worth standing up for myself. I just want peace.
By sctfrk1314 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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