do u think this is fair?!

i am a preschool teacher.i've been with this shitty fucked up company for a year plus. last year we were promisedto receive a pro rated bonus.which only came after4 months later! and it wasnt even a full month bonus.

I recently resigned, and by right i shd be receiving a month's bonus as stated in the contract; that the employee is entitled to received bonus as long as he or she work a full year of 11 months. i resigned only on dec14. and they refuse to supplementme with the bonus cuz it was under THE COMPANY'S DISCRETION. my lord. they are earning big bucks. and they want me to decorate the classrooms in preparation for next year. and they refuse to release me early by 1st jan 2010. E%&$%^@#$%!@$%%^$%^&.

wad should i do.
By metalhead 14 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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