Am I Wrong ? Or Does My Father Over React ?

My father and I have always been practical jokers. Not to the point of doing anything dangerous, just small things, only with each other, we don't play stupid jokes on anyone else.

Tonight though, while family was visiting, he went off his head, because I gave him my glass and told him it was iced water. I thought he would just smell it and realise there was rum in there, give it back and give me a smart remark.

He actually had a sip of it before I even had a chance to say stop, he tasted the rum in it and got extremely angry. He got up and started spitting on the lawn, as if I'd just poisoned him. (he normally drinks beer, but not spirits). The thing that hurt the most is he started repeating over and over "you f***ing bitch, your a f***ing bitch". The way he was running around spitting and swearing, I kind of felt it was a huge over reaction to the situation. I was so hurt and embarrassed, I got up and left.

He says I'm the one who over reacted, and to just get over it.

Am I wrong to feel hurt ? Did he over react or did I ?
By Bundii 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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