Is it wrong to go after the guy I work with when his girlfriend works with us also?

I work in a restaurant and if you've ever worked in one, you know everyone dates everyone else. That's just how it goes (I worked at 3 before this one). Anyway, this guy I like bartends and we get along great. He's hot and smart. He's in school to be a vet. I am going to school too for communications.

Anyway, he is dating this trashy girl that has no future, everyone says she's doing coke behind his back, she has tattoos everywhere, and her nose is pierced. He and I are both clean cut but others think he likes that dirty girl type more.

He flirts with me all the time and he's the type I can see a future with. I don't want to miss out on him but I don't want to cause problems at work. Should I quit and go work somewhere else and try to get him or get him first, quit, and go somewhere else? Should I just look for someone else? I don't know what to do!
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