How do I sort myself out?

Thanks folks for all your support. I understand what you all are saying, by the way I am getting counselling, I know that I need to work on my own issues.

I cannot change him (he is not my problem; whether he changes or not (but I do not want to see him anymore, as you have all understood me, he makes me miserable, knocks my confidence), that is why I have been ending it.

I have come to conclusion that I am happier by myself, I left him for a while for 8 months and I was composed during that period.

I understand that I am being treated the way I am only because I am allowing it.

He sends and recieves loving text messages from someone he claims he had a fling with 4 years ago, how much more evidence do I need to end it. He does not send me loving text if he ever sends me one, it is very formal. He says he does not like using the phone, and he says he does not like texting. How come he sends the lady? All the evidences are right in front of my face, I saw texts 2 days ago. This also has helped me to see things clearly.

This time I am stronger, I had doubts before whether I was right or wrong in my behaviour, but YOU my friends have helped make up my mind for good.

By tarana 14 years ago :: Friends
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