What should I do with my sister-in-law?

My sister-in-law is a very strange person.

She loves watching TV and she could never stop watching TV once she started. So she decided to not buy a TV in her house after her old one broken. After that every time when she came over (quite often until I was upset with her watching too much TV at my place) she had to watch TV until very late, it could be till 1 or 2am. I don't think it is very nice to stay at someone's place and watch TV until that late. I suggested her a few times to get a TV but she said NO because she didn't want a TV.

I had a problem that I am a very light sleeper, I can't sleep when someone is watching TV in my house, sometimes I had to go to work the next day, so that I got very upset with her if she stayed and watched TV very late. I know I have my own problem but I don't bring the problem to other people and cause any inconvenient to others. She has the watching TV problem AND if she did it in my house then she brought her problem to my place. Am I right? I really don't mind if she keeps the problem to her self. If she watches TV at her own house, I don't care at all.

A few days ago, she was here and watched TV until 11:00pm, my wife asked me if she could stay and finished the movie she was watching. I said NO…. because I knew she wouldn't just stay and finish one movie from my experience. Then my wife got upset with me because she felt her sister couldn't feel like at home in my house and she is still upset with me NOW. Luckily she didn't feel like at home, otherwise it will be like a year ago she stayed at my place for one week during Christmas and watched TV all night long although her house is only 30 minutes away.

My sister-in-law is just a person who doesn't know how to look after herself, who doesn't know what time she should do what kind of thing. Her washing machine has been broken for a year, she didn't ask anyone to fix it or buy a new one. She just came to my place or her other sister's place to do the washing. The reason she could ask people to come to repair is because her house is too massy and no one can really step into her house. Obviously she feels bad for that, but why can't she just clean her house up. She does things so slow, it normally takes her one hour to have a shower. No wonder she missed her flight for a few times. She wanted to install air-con in her house 5 years ago, but till now, still UNINSTALLED.

I am just so annoyed by her coming to my place, but what should I do? I can't stop her coming since she is my wife's sister. Please let me know what you think? What should I do with her?
By DaveDaveDave 16 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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