I need help! i'm gonna freak out!!?

Right, mothers day!

i don't have a single clue what to get my mum! i have a brother and 3 sisters which will buy her flowers chocolate perfume jewelery all that stuff! So i'm stuffed!

i'm 15 and don't have alot of money.. and i only have tomorrow 2 get something so this is quite... important :L!!

Anyways, i want to bake a cake but i dont know what to do and that cause i'm a little clumsy so it has to be basic but i want it to look like.. really pretty!

my mum is 48.. so.. yeh i can't buy her CDs or anything i'm just totally stuck and that..

can you give me a link for recipes for cakes and nice meals to make her and give me unusual gift ideas that aren't to dear..? But none of make your own stuff.. and like look at photos or that cause i'm not really like that..

So.. yeh pretty please help me.. :) thanks X
By 12 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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