Breastfeeding Simulation Doll?

Breastfeeding Simulation Doll?

The is this new Doll out that simulates breast feeding
the doll comes with this vest the the little girl would put on and once the doll would be brought close enough to the nipple (which is represented by a flower on the vest, the doll would begin to make a suck and swallow sounds and motion.

At first I was disturbed by it, BUT then I thought about it for a while and I came to the conclusion that though it may be a bit unusual (I.e. There are no other dolls on the market like this) I think that this doll is not that bad, and even may be good in that it encourages young girls to breastfeed when their older and have there own children. and what it promotes is perfectly natural, I think that there are many women who chose not to breast feed because is considered socially unacceptable. maybe this doll could help change that?

Here is a link to a commercial for it

Anyway I was wondering what other people's option was
By RayAnn 14 years ago :: Parenting
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