Should I have expected more than any apology from my friend for damages to my SUV from her tree?

I left my new SUV (which is usually garaged at my home) in my friend's driveway for a weekend while we drove up to her vacation home in the mountains. Upon our return, I got into my SUV to start it up and noticed that my windshield and hood were covered with acorn like stuff from a shedding tree on her property, and my entire SUV was covered with sap from the tree. I wasn't really angry at her at first, but before I drove out of her driveway, I told her i would never park there again, and she apologized to me for forgetting to tell me her tree sheds. She told me when it happens to her truck (an older vehicle) she just washes it with soap and the rough side of a sponge, and besides, it looks a lot worse on her truck than mine because her truck is white and mine is silver!

When I got home and hosed my car down and started to wash it with soap and a soft cloth, I noticed the sap wasn't coming off that way. It turns out I spent over a week already rubbing out each little spot with hand sanitizer wipes as recommended on-line so the paint finish wouldn't be damaged, but it did not come off with the wipes, I still had to use my nail on top of the wipe to scrape it off, and in some spots even though I scraped it off, the paint looks stained where the sap spot was.

I left a message on her voice mail saying that I thought it was negligent of her to leave a tree on her property that could damage a $25,000 vehicle, and I have already spend many days trying to rub each spot out, and now my car needs a good wax job and I don't know what it will cost me (the car detailing shop says they don't know if they can get all the stain off the paint). Additionally, I told her I was too upset about my SUV and all the time I need to spend on cleaning it to have any contact with her right now.

She left me a voice mail saying that she didn't appreciate my message, and all I need to do is take my SUV to a car wash. I think she should have at least offered to help me clean my SUV,( I have a permanent disability in my arm which makes repetitive movements very painful), or offer to pay something toward a wax job for my car, since she was negligent in not telling me her tree sheds, and for having a shedding tree on her property in the first place.
By jeena 11 years ago :: Friends
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