What is he hinting at?

This guy keeps throwing random compliments and teasing me (in a good way) at work. I am a bitch and I am very demanding of my team so he notices and I think he likes it. He's senior to me and very attractive, has a fan club at work so I don't play to his ego. sometimes i do but not often. he hasn't asked me out. I overhear him talking to our mutual coworkers about going out with other girls.

Last week we hung out at a company event and he kept looking over to see if I was having fun. Even though he knew more people than me he hung out with me and kept me company. I finally told him I was going to leave and he said he'll leave with me even though we knew we were going separate ways and he had to get back to work anyway. We were walking together and he said something totally random. That if he wanted to he could probably take home someone mediocre that night if he was really feeling upto it but he was just not feeling it. Plus that place was filled with average girls. I joked and said he'd have way more luck if he fished in his own pond if he wanted to make that happen and he was like yea.. but that's too easy.

We do work together so I highly doubt he was suggesting I go home with him.. He's a seasoned player and knows better than that.

So I don't know what to make of this "progress" in our relationship?
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