How to forget and move on?

When you eventually find out that the person whom you've been considering your bestest friends for over years is really not that. S/he is merely using you since ever then what is the best thing that you should do?

1. Tell them how you feel? (You know they won't accept)
2. Carry on with them? (Because you can't deny your own attachment)
3. Forget and move on.

But if you choose to forget and move on, which most of the people suggest, then I would like to know how you can do it so that it doesn't hurt you? How you can ignore a person whom you liked so much? How you face them when you're not the same people to them anymore, because you're hurt from inside?

How you can forget an attachment of years, because the person you were attached with proves to be a selfish one, when you at your end were always sincere and loyal?

What's the best way to forget and move on and be comfortable doing it? What should one do?
By shany 14 years ago :: Friends
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