what if your best friend suddenly didn't talk to you and she got married without you knowing it?

i had this friend, the very best i should say/. we shared everything for 6 years. i always had her back as she had mine too. I introduced her my guy friend which sometimes annoys her. then they get very close and often left me behind. in the particular year, she went back to UK for few weeks. when she arrived back in Brunei, i expected her to let me be the first to know, but instead, it was this guy friend. at first i was okay with it. she bragged about him to me saying this guy only need her when he wanted to. she said she was his last resort. then we spent our time mostly together after that. i continued my study and didnt have most of my time to her. we promised each other to never back our friendship and we have to always update each other. and then i dont know why she didnt talk to me anymore. i sent her texts and called her but no answer at all. 2 years now ( present ) i just found out she was married. without me knowing it.
By effenn 14 years ago :: Friends
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