Is my friends wife cheating? If I THINK so, should I tell him?

My close friends wife of 3 years, is a night-shift security guard at a local college--the only female on her shift. They've had problems in the past, but seem to have worked out their issues. His wife uses a popular social networking site (SNS), but refuses to accept any of his family or friends and he has no account. Whenever her husband comes near her during her SNS time, she shoos him away. I've joked with his wife saying that I've seen her from afar at night (since her work-site is near my home) and the response, to me, is pure paranoia ("When? What was I doing? Who was I with?"). My girlfriend once mentioned that a nude picture of a man looked like me and my friends wife ran over screaming "Which guy???" Yes, her husband was present (can you say "uncomfortable"??). Yet, he's never openly questioned her fidelity.

Should I bring my observations to him or would I simply be opening pandora's box without merit? He's my friend, so I feel like I should say SOMETHING. No?

Please help.
By MrWillDoIt 16 years ago :: Friends
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