The EX From Hell! Is it ok for me to feel this way? I hate her!

Long story. I've been with my husband for almost ten years. Before we got together he had a first love sorta deal in school with renee. And before I was with my husband (angel), I was with Thomas. (2002) I didn't know renee or angel. I left on vaca with my family over the summer, when I came back Thomas had a new friend, Angel. Some how or another, angel and Renee broke up over the summer an decided to be friends. Me being gone, angel introduced Thomas to Renee. Hint hint.. I came home from vacation, I want to see Thomas. When he came over, he didn't come along he had angel with him. So I met him and he said that they work together. (remember) I still don't know who Renee is... After Thomas left with angel, hours had passed and I received a call, from angel? He said, I thought u were a cool an pretty girl to hang with, so I asked thomas for your number, no problem? I got upset. Long story short. Angel started to tell me the truth? About what had happened over summer with Thomas and Renee, and that Renee was angels EX? I stopped dating Thomas and started dating angel. BUT over time I wanted to know who SHE was. So the year passes and throughout the year me and her started to became friends....but then she started dating Thomas again and I didn't feel comfortable with that, so we stopped talking. Years go by....Thomas and renee get married an have two boys. Angel an I get married an have one kid....and on an off conversation between me an her happen.. (we live in a small town with one street light, you do the math! We are bond to see each other time to time) so we skip to 2009 an she is telling me that her an Thomas have been having trouble, an might divorce? So the idiot that I am, I began to feel sorry for her. They divorce! And she an I become best friends. NOW, me trusting my husband an feeling that we are all adults! That nothing would happen between Renee and was stupid puppy love? So me and her do everything, cooking, park with the kids, dinner, lunch, ETC. and I asked angel if he was Ok with it or if he felt uncomfortable. He said no! I love you an you only!!! That was December 2009.. April 2010 me, angel an Renee went to Orlando to hang fun fun. The whole time angel was acting like he had a lot on his mind, like something was bugging him. We get home an I begged him to tell me what was the matter. He point Blank told me,
By Sanchez2306 12 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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