What should I do with my EX GF?

hello everyone,

So theres a girl I've been dating since november 2012 and it all started in early 2012 when I had a crush on her but I was too scared to tell her about my feelings so I put myself in the friend zone until July when I finally told her and we got together in November 2012. I really love her so much that i even tattooed her name on me but we fight every time over stupid stuff and sometimes she really pisses me off with her stubbornness and selfishness. she doesn't care about what makes me happy and all she cares about is what she likes and if I do something she doesn't like she starts ignoring me and I hate ignoring and lies so i go all psycho every time it happens.
it has happened so many times and every time i go psycho we stop talking to each other for like a month or something.
TBH When we stop talking i go flirt around with other girls and stuff but i never cheated on her or got with anyone when we were dating or fighting with each other, neither did she but i caught her flirting once but she blocked the guy because the guy was all over her and she claimed that she flirted to try to like the guy to get over me (when we were fighting and weren't talking) but then she realized she can't like him. Anyways, our last fight was really stupid. it was about her traveling to see her friends and leaving me alone and when i asked her why do u leave me alone she said cause i always do what i want and i asked her so you don't care about me its all about you?
and she said she doesn't want to be with me cause i started calling her selfish and a bitch.. then we got back last week and we hooked up and stuff but she said she doesn't want a relationship and she has been the biggest bitch on earth when she's around me.
her excuse is that she's not in a good mood because apparently she has some family problems but its really frustrating.
I'm tired of all these nonsense fights and her selfishness but I love her and don't know what to do..
Can you guys please advice me on what i should do in this situation?

By Amirfrr 10 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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