At what point is a jealous ex a dealbreaker?

About two months ago, I started seeing a really kind, caring guy who treats me very well. The only issue so far is his ex-girlfriend, who is also one of his closest friends. I've known this girl for a couple years (before I ever met him) and she's been consistently rude and malicious to me, despite great effort on my part to be friendly. She's confided to other people that she's jealous, but keeps attempting sabotage of our relationship through manipulation and lies. I've tried to discuss her issue with me calmly but reacts very angrily and denies everything. My new guy admits that she's unstable and mean (not just to me, but most people, including him), but it makes me question his character that he would keep someone so toxic in his life. I don't think I'd be comfortable pursuing a long-term relationship if I'm going to have to deal with her drama all the time. What should I do?
By melatonin 12 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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