It has been over a year and I'm still hurt by what my ex did, but I think I now know why.

Several months ago (back when it was still 2011) I made a question on here about my ex who had basically used me. The question is closed now but should still be listed under the "Bitter Ex" section. Now it's been 1 year and about 4 months since it ended. Even now, I'm not fully over what she did, but recently I just realized why this is. The reason why I'm still upset is because I never made her aware of how she has hurt me. She probably doesn't know how much it has affected me. She knows it hurt me at the time but she doesn't know I'm still affected by it. It's like I never got the pain off my chest. Whenever she texts or calls me, she just talks to me like nothing ever happened between us. Now, she has told me on a few occasions that she felt bad for what she did, but I don't think she feels bad because of how it affects me, but more about how the guilt affects her. In other words, she feels bad for herself, but not really so much for me (because again, she doesn't know it still affects me, she probably thinks I got over it real fast). The reason I believe this is because the very next day after she tells me she feels bad, she goes back to acting like nothing ever happened between us. The question would be, in order to heal from this and move my mind forward, do I need to tell her that what she did has still affected me all this time? Do I need to make her aware that I've been affected by it so much?
By FleshgodApocalypse64 12 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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