I recently visited my family overseas, after not seeing my mom in 3 mother always had a problem with collecting and keeping anything and everything she would find.but now the problem has become ridiculous, i feel very insulted and upset that my parents have a six bedroom house (not six rooms,but six bedrooms) with only 3 people living in it and i couldn't find room in it for me to stay during my visit, for all the rooms where fill to the roof with junk and garbage that she finds and collects. Her problem is so great that my father has basically moved out of our family home in the city and now is reduced to live alone in his home in the country side where he does not have to deal with the lack of space.honestly I am very upset , that she knew that I was coming home to visit and dint made an effort to at least clear one bedroom for me when it is practically just her and my younger sister living there in this six bedroom house full of junk. she made a very narrow passage way in one of he bedrooms and put a small matrix in the floor and insisted that I stay sleeping there and she was very offended when i refused and told her I couldn't because there was not enough space. My brothers and sisters have all given up on her and she will not ever see that it is a problem . but still i cant get over how badly and gross it looks and all the stench that she no longer can smell just disgusts me. I am feeling hopeless like my sisters and my poor father that can't even came home for when he complains about it, she denies the obvious and just tells him off. Is anybody throws away any of her precious things away, for everything has a value and a purpose in her mind, she freaks out and go back searching for it in the dump and brings it back home. In my country going to therapy is not a common thing and she does not believe she needs it. so it is impossible even the thought of sending her for therapy or to have her head examined.. I am so mad because it would be nice to have a room in my parents house for when I visit instead of having to stay in a hotel. but yet who in the world would want to stay there? just venting but comments are very welcome.
By yourass 11 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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