Friend comes in between me and my career

It is about one of my closest friend.We usually spend a lot of time together cozying around in the same bed assuring that no one other sees us in the hostel.At times he becomes offensive about my proximity to him but at times he is the one who makes the moves,It was last night that his sudden behavior shocked me.He took me into his arms and started doing things around,I "mildly" stopped him from such as I was kind of enjoying it too.Godwillingly nothing happened between us but all this is devastatingly affecting my academics.I try to avoid him for few days but in vain.We have become sort of inseparable and this has led to tongues wagging in the hostel .I don't want all this rumour spreading about me at the same time I am not able to cut out that guy from my life .Please help.
By tarun 12 years ago :: Friends
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