Was I wrong for bringing my dog around?

I got a puppy about 9 months ago. I had no idea that my 6 year old nephew had a dog allergy. We don't live in the same house. My sister, we'll call her "Kate" never made the family aware of this until after I got the dog.

I would bring my dog to family get together's of course with the permission of the homeowner. We never brought the dog to Kate's house. After family get together's (once everyone's gone home) I would get a text from Kate telling me to not bring the dog around to ANY family members house anymore where my nephew could "possibly" be because he has asthma. Kate asked through text that my siblings not allow me to bring the dog to their homes even though my siblings and their kids enjoyed having the dog around. They always ask me to bring my dog over so I do!

Kate suddenly tells everyone that her son had a severe dog allergy diagnosed by his pediatrician yet wherever they went they NEVER brought his nebulizer. I even heard through the grapevine that their friends also had dogs and Kate's kids would be over there every so often and she allowed her kids to be there without worry. I love my nephew and I wouldn't want anything to happen to him but Kate telling me what I can and cannot do with my dog at other people's homes and trying to control everyone else's house rules were getting ridiculous.

I couldn't even have the dog outside in the backyard even if Kate and her kids weren't there.

Fast forward a few months...my parents allowed me to move back home for a few months while I was trying to save money for a house. I moved all my stuff in and got their permission to also have the dog live at my parents house. One week before my lease ended I get a call from my dad saying that I can't bring the dog because Kate called my parents and spoke with them and advised them of my nephews allergy (even though he doesn't live there). I now had no place to live.

Keep in mind, Kate and her family only go to my parents house maybe once a month if even. I was so angry and frustrated that she did that to me one week before i had to move out of my apartment. I was so frustrated I wasn't even going to say anything to Kate. With the support of my other siblings they insisted that I tell her how I felt which I did.

She decided to get my entire family involved and accused everyone of not caring for her son's allergy and that it's a decision they have to make to not go to anyone's house anymore because the dog has "been" there. Kate yelled at everyone for not taking her side and not "supporting" her. Kate had hidden expectations no one knew about.

When the family did get together we would give them a heads up that the dog will be there, she would have snotty remarks like "oh...we're not coming. wouldn't want to ruin your fun". It's gotten to the point now where we don't speak at all and ignore one another.
By 1607ACL 8 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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