Should a 37 year old still be mooching off of her mother? How to get mom to cut the apron strings...

My 37 year old sister ( The baby of the family) lives in a different state than my mother and I & seems to be able to finance the lifestyle of the rich & famous on a modest income. I doubt she has ever made more than 16K in a year. Her life is all about playing ( Which is fine if that is what you want & can afford) Ski's in winter & Bikes in the summer ( jobs are related to recreation industry) Whenever she needs a new vehicle ( And she needs one often because she drives them into the ground) Mom magically finds an incredible deal on one ... whenever the credit card is too high ( After her second trip to AUS) & can't pay she calls mom. Mom claims she isn't financing the lifestyle but I know that is where the money is coming from... She is not doing my sister any good... How do I convince my mother to cut the apron strings? It's time for the annual trip to town to collect the birthday cheque... ( She only shows up once or twice a year & spends as little time as possible with mom. Her friend are more important)
By Queenbee 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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