How can I make things better with my friend of several years?

I had a friend who I would have married if things ever worked out that well. I still love her as a friend.

I was angry and talked smak about her to her friend. I apologized. She won't accept my apology. I am so confused because I'm trying to reason through this. Every time I try to use reason ThGirl gets more enraged. She is denying certain things ever even happened. What do I do if she denies facts?

e.g., I told her one of the reasons why I was angry with her was that I was pissed off because only after a long fight would she smoke outside. She still won't close the balcony door. She now denies that we ever had a fight about smoking. It was huge. Shouting and I ended up kicking her out of my place. She denies that ever happened.

She used to come over and drink my booze. I suggested that she should maybe replace some because it is getting expensive for me. She denies I ever asked her.

So, I was frustrated with her and yes I did say some mean things. I have since apologized. She even denies that I apologized.

I brought up that ThGirl talked smak about this same friend and she was ultimately forgiven. So, I wanted to have the same courtesy. She is calling me conniving and despicable. I don't know what to do.
By SorryAndHurt 12 years ago :: Friends
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