Am I overracting or do I deserve more? Am I being treated unfairly?

I am working with a hotel chain and I have been 3 years. I started as a Front Desk clerk and then quickly learned night audit, started working some shifts as cashier and a server in the restaurant area, helped in banquets when needed, worked the evening comp bar, and bar tended for parties the hotel had. I did this all within 3 months of working for the company. After 5-7 months I was promoted to the a management position. I handled all the input of groups, conventions, local negotiated rates, parties, group reservations, etc etc. I did that position until this past January then I moved with the same company to a different location in a different city, with the same manager. I was told first I would be in a higher management position, then later told (before I moved) that, that particular position would not work out due to things like the fact that I had not been with the company all that long and not to mention this is my first hotel job experience. I understood and was asked if I would still like to move, but I would be Front Desk Supervisor and would be at the front desk (on my feet as opposed to sitting at my desk that I was used too) alot more. I agreed because I was happy for the opportunity and because I felt that would help me work my way up. My manager showed me how much I would be making as a "Supervisor" and it was a 50 cent raise from where I was. I was so ready to move out of the town I was in I agreed to it for Front Desk Supervisor. I was told I would share an office with another manager and so on. Upon arriving to the new property... I was told I was the Front Desk Manager and was giving many more responsibilities than just a supervisor. The office I was supposed to share just happen to have a desk too big to where the office could not fit 2 desk (not to mention an extra desk for me was never ordered, so there was no anticipating that there would be enough room, but i was never told this) there goes my office. We were still in the process of trying to get the hotel open so some small things I decided to dismiss for the better of the opening. I work the front desk as a clerk and the front desk manager 5 days a week, but yet I am at the front desk more as a clerk. I wear the same uniform that the clerks do. I also work the evening shift all the time as a clerk, but yet the front desk manager. I have to do all the things in a shift that the desk clerk would do plus my back of the house paperwork. I am usually the only one on the shift so it is harder to do other things. Not to mention that I have to put in reservations for groups still. It is very hard to work by yourself and keep up with my paperwork from the back. Guest come do the desk for every little thing... it is like I am supposed to double as a travel agent... tour guide.. local info center.... um ... i have been asked pretty much everything except .. what isle are the fruit loops on in WalMart? .. My reason for saying this is .. I want to provide good customer service, but with these type of questions all day (trust me all day) plus check in / check out, billing, side paper work (as a clerk) .. gift shop.. shuttle.. taking reservations.. I tend to feel myself become short with the guest because on top of all this I still have paper work and task to do from the back of the house as manager. I have no office, no where to keep my paper work except for a very thin box in the back that hangs on the wall. I tried to leave everything important in the box.. then got complaints from my manager because the box was too full, but where in the hell do I put all the paper work?.. who knows. I had to get folders and rubber band them together just to hold my info.. not to mention my manager will go through it for info then leave it not in the rubber band and everywhere. I was upset with all of this but dealing with it, thinking that I was being unreasonable. Recently I was going through some of the employee files and saw that I make .25 cents more than the night auditor and I am the Front Desk Manager with way more responsibilities. I was furious. I question if I am in the right by being upset because of the economy I guess. I mean I was so thankful for the opportunity and I know that alot of people don't get the opportunity that I had, but I feel like I deserve more money especially after seeing the i make only .25 cents more than the night auditor and she makes only .50 cents more than the day shift clerks. So do I have a right, so to speak, to ask for better pay or talk to my manager about this without feeling like I am doing something wrong? My fear is to go in his office with everything thought out in my head, but once I begin talking everything will come out wrong or he will try to intimidate me and next thing I know I walk out thinking ok that went all wrong. Then the situation ends up worse. I need advice .. do u think I am being treated fairly... how should I approach him without being demanding, but getting my true points across... and at the same time not make him feel like he needs to be defensive.
By whattodo 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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