Okay I know it's wrong on some level but what do I do about liking a guy my best friend really like too?

Okay it's a long story but I'll try and make it quick
Best friend loves guy for 5 years, She feels she knows him better than anyone, I don't think she knows him as well as she thinks, they never dated, but she feels he truly cares about her and is just scared. I love her, I don't begrudge her a boyfriend but I don't think he has the same feelings, I don't think anyone knows him well, I feel like everyone is tries really hard to impress him, be the person they think he wants them to be. This is dishonest.

Having said that.....I've know him for about 4 years, I thought he was an asshole at first and avoided him at all costs. But we are part of the same group of friends (and my best friend has spent 5 years trying to make him love her) so I see him a lot. This year, it seems both of us have made an effort to be "polite", then we actually started talking, now we chat whenever we see each other. Then, one night a month ago, I show up at the bar he djays at (well we go here all the time, he's a great dj) and strangely enough he comes in from outside walks up to me and hugs me, then tells me to come outside (he was smoking out the bag door of the bar) he has friends out there with him, he ignores them and talks to me, we have a laugh. Later that night he comes out on the dance floor during a song we both love and dances with me. (he knows everyone there, there was a lot of people he could dance with) and then he leaves half way through the song abruptly. I look over my should, the friend, that loves him is standing there. She did not know we were dancing...she had just got there.

Now, last time I saw him he said "we should exchange numbers so I can tell you when I'm here djaying" I laughed and walked away (I have been single to long and lost my ability to recognize what is flirting as well as the ability to flirt myself)

So, now I think about him all the time, and get nervous when he's around.....what the hell? And this can't be right because my friend, although she has liked other guys I know still is crazy about him ( and when I say crazy I mean if she knew I like him she would never speak to me again)

What do I do.....?

Sorry this is long!

By AmbroseLee 15 years ago :: Friends
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