For my brother and I who live in different states .

My mother always had Xmas and she asked me to take over after she got ill(it's not my practice). My brother family all adults and relgion Jewish(bro convert)... LAst year I had some issues living far north and Dr told me to move or vacation winters south of VA... Let my bro know in Oct and a month later emailed me blasting me How dare I cxl Xmas,blaa,blaa,Well when Thanksgiving came along it wasn't fun,This thanksgiving we as been the past 20 years spend that day @ my brothers and then go back to NH(north). Well this year we are leaving to Florida the day after Thanksgiving as we normaly due. He blasted me again that I'm runing his Thanksgiving..What's up with him? He must be Jealous, he is a control freak..we do not have a tight relation. OH by the way he called me a Racist last year too! I'm not,,,,don't want to end this Bro-Sis connection but his controlling ways keeps pushing me further and further away..
Frozen in New Hamphire HELP!
By petpal 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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