Should I move or not?

"I have been divorced from my 13y/o female child's father for 12 years. Her father is a wonderful dad and we completely share custody. She has been with him 50% of the time since the split. He is in a happy relationship with a woman that gets along well with our child.

My issues is that I want to move out of state, to WV, with her for various reasons.

One being, to be closer to my family. We recently had a death in the family & it made me realize life is short and I should spend more time with the family I have left.

Also, my job, while a good one, is volatile right now. It's getting to be an econimic struggle for me in FL.

In addition, I am recently divorced again and I have just hooked up with a man on the internet that I have known of for the last 20 years. He, however, lives in WV and we would like to start a relationship. He has just started a business up there and we want to be together up there, with my daughter. They get along great as well.

Her father does not want her to move away from him even though I have told him we could send her back once a month and she could spend summers with him. We all the ways there are to communicate, phone, text, email, video cam, facebook, etc. I don't see the problem
By dotzalicious 15 years ago :: Parenting
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