Heated Over Haiti

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Side 1 says... My neighbor and I just got into an argument over how the U.S. should be over helping them. They are a poor country and we need to support them in this crisis. He thinks we should stay home and help our own - wanted to mention he was a Republican also.

Anyway, I think the U.S. should come to aid anyone that is in a situation like that because you never know when we will need their help. He just doesn't see it that way. Of course, he also doesn't pass out candy at Halloween either.
Added by jspunk (female)
Side 2 says... You are damn right I think MOST of us should stay home. Don't get me wrong - I do feel bad for them. But where were they during Katrina? Where were they during 9/11? She is using that tactic what if we need them someday. Eh, when will that ever be?

I'm sorry. I think we have our OWN issues. We are no longer the number one world power and I don't think it should be us coming to everybody's aid when we have so much wrong here. Economy. Housing crisis. Unemployment. Crime levels are going up. People being forced to live on the streets.

She uses the 'Democrat' title but she has no idea what it means. You can't help everybody. How good will the U.S. be if we go bankrupt and deflation occurs. We will be no better off than any other underdeveloped country and be ripe for takeover by someone like China.

There's plenty else to say but the main points are here: we have our own problems. Feel bad. Fix us. Help on the next one after we heel ourselves.
Added by novacancy (male)
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