Innappropriate Conversations With "Friends"

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Side 1 says... My boyfriend is a 29 year old executive chef and I am a 25 year old full time student and stay at home mother. We have a 7 month old son together. Recently, boyfriend was texting one of his former (female) coworkers, stating that he was "dealing with [my] bullshit again." She was talking about having relationship problems too, and said that she was staying with a friend. Boyfriend invited her to come stay at our apartment (!). Former coworker said "I don't think your girlfriend would be happy about that." Boyfriend said "I'll tell her to shut the f--- up and go sleep on the f---ing couch." Boyfriend also said that he would like to take her out, HIS TREAT, to "dinner or a movie or drinks or whatever." (Side note, he hasn't taken ME out since early in my pregnancy.) I took his phone out of his hand because it was almost midnight and he was (as always) ignoring me and texting, and I saw this message. APPROPRIATE OR NOT?
Added by yaya_is_right (female)
Side 2 says... she was a co-worker. i am a friendly, social person. just because i want to hangout with a female, does not mean i want to sleep with them. the whole part about saying my gf will sleep on the couch and what not was just a joke. i do offer to take my gf out all the time. she just makes excuses as to why we cant. what i said in the txts would only be inappropriate if it was taken out of context and it was. her ability to be open minded and listen is non existant. she sees what she wants and that is that. i get no privacy at all! she is always trying to look at my phone, computer, any convo that i may be having. i hide them because i know how she would react, even though they are harmless and not inappropriate. i just dont to fight.
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