My Boyfriend Is Addicted To Body Modification!

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Side 1 says... When we started dating 3 years ago James was this crazy awesome guy in a band and was still clean cut, did no drugs, and was working on a music career and that's all he cared about. Now it seems is all he cares about is getting new tattoos and piercings. He's grown his hair out and he just looks grody. All his tattoos have been in places where if he'd go to church and dress nice you wouldn't see any of it but just last week he decided to get a tattoo on his neck and we started fighting over it.

He is going to an extreme where he is going to lose me. It's going to the point where if his music dones't work out he's not going to be able to get a job because he's never going to get hired. He's already got ear gages and some ear piercings but those can be fixed.

I love body art and I think it's sexy on him but there's a point when he becomes an outcast to general society and when our landlord had to make a decision based on if he would fit in with the other people in teh building before accepting our application that it ahs gone to far! I want him to stop before he looks weird.
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Side 2 says... It's cool she is trying to look out for me but it's still my body. There's always ways to remove tattoos and I think this is gonna help create the image I am going for. I knoow it sounds shallow but I like the idea of modding and I like the look. All my fans love the look too! I have a certain genre of music and the fans look the part so I have to look the part. I am trying to make a career out of this and I have to do what I need and not what everyone else outside my circle thinks I should do. I am following a dream. I'm making money and life so far doing exactly what i want to do because it's my best talent. If I need to add some tattoos to make complete I'm gonna do it. And she said she thinks they are sexy. And here parents approve of me. And I have no problem sporting this look. If she wants to be with me she has to suport me on this.
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