Dog Desires Tearing Us Apart

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Side 1 says... My girlfriend and I live in an apartment. She moved here with a yorkshire terrier that proved too dysfunctional for us and had to be returned to her parents. She now wants one when we move to a bigger place. I got to be honest with you, i'm not big on terrier breeds. I suggest bigger dog breeds that are known to
be popular dogs. She however wants strictly a yorkie. I'm honest with her in telling her i want something else...and anger her when i remind her of the previous problem dog...excessively barked, non compliant, things in spite, separation anxiety, bit people and kids
Added by ryguy (male)
Side 2 says... When I moved across the continent so Ryan and I could be together, we agreed that Thor ( my yorkshire terrier) would move too. To start with the dog has issues (which I am fully willing to admit) which became escalated as a result of moving, being taken out of his 'pack' (two other dogs he was used to living with), and having new rules. We sent him back (to live with my parents) for his happiness, and because Ryan was worried about being sued.
I am open to other breeds, I just would love love love another yorkie. I would be more educated this time, having done research on buying from reputable breeders, and training.
Ryan had let his bad experience with Thor taint him, and seems to hold and eternal hatred towards the whole terrier family. I want him to give yorkies a chance. We've talked about getting two dogs to appease our individual needs. I am fine with that too.
I want him to see that ALL yorkies are not little yappy, ankle biting, pissing machines, or disobedient liabilities that are prone to being attacked and stepped on at any minute. Granted the possibility is there, just as it is there are downfalls with any breed.
Added by hannah (female)
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