Along Came Polly - The Real Version

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Side 2
Side 1 says... Katie and I aren't married, but we did take a romantic getaway vacation to the Bahamas in June. We were having a great time until the third day when we had this waiter that Katie couldn't keep her eyes off of.

While I took a nap after a long day at the beach, she ended up meeting up with him, had drinks and sex with him in little over 3 hours time. Sad.

I didn't walk in. She walked in to the room with him and told the story. Completely shocked, we left and she went back down for another week at the end of June. I was heartbroken.

Then I met Stacie at a bar early this month. We ended up starting to talk and things have been casual but moving towards exclusive. I really like her but I'm not at the point with her I was with Katie.

Katie comes back last week and says it didn't work out for her and the waiter and she wants me back. I still have deep feelings for her but I don't want to move backwards.

She blames me for her cheating because of my lack of interest I showed in her...of course I guess the vacation we were on didn't count as interest.

I'm confused but I do know cheating doesn't rectify a lack *cough* of interest.
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Side 2 says... I made a big mistake steve and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken it out on you like that. I don't do that ever.

but you didn't even show any jealousy or emotion when I brought him to the room. it's like ur emotionally cut off. i didn't feel the passion i did at the beginning with you and i slipped up.

i realize that now and i thought about all the other things you've done for me. it's just that i knew the vacation was different than regular life cos here you don't pay any attention to me. you have sex with me and that's about it.

now that this other girl is around i realize what i've lost and the only thing i wish you would change about youself is to come back and be with only me and show me that you care once in a while!
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