My Final Destination

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Side 1 says... Chris works with a lot of other guys of similar orientation and travels as a flight attendant. He's a wonderful, attentive person when he's home, but if he goes on an overnighter, he's very distant.

It's the same story. I see him off at the airport, he goes and calls when he gets to his final destination.

Then I don't hear from him until I pick him up.

I ask what he did but he's very general explaining it. He says he goes out with the other attendants and a few are gay as well. I just don't know what he's doing.

I've confronted him about it and he's given me the cold shoulder because I don't trust him. I think I should be worried and if he doesn't start telling me, I'm gonna leave.
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Side 2 says... Nicholas really needs to calm down. I go out when I'm away. I don't believe I have to give him every little detail of what I do.

He thinks I'm this dirty little sailor with a boyfriend at every port. It couldn't be further from the truth. I love him and he's the only one that makes me happy...until he does this.

I'm not gonna change and if he keeps threatening me he's gonna leave if I'm not more open on my trips then so be it. He needs to grow up.
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