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Side 1 says... Three years ago I was seriously ill. I am now fine. I get a free flue jab every year that means I have not been ill at all for the last 3 years.
I now have a cold and am in bed. My Girlfriend considers that after my big illness 3 years back, anything less than life threatening deserves no sympathy and insists I am a terrible patient. She has said that she will not cook me anything else as I have rejected her last three efforts for "not enough marmalade on my toast" etc.
I do not want to be pampered but I wish that she would at least treat me as good as when I am not ill instead of telling me I am "pathetic" ,that I am not going to die and repeatedly telling me how women are so much better at coping with being ill than men.
Added by Andis (male)
Side 2 says... Three years ago my boyfriend was seriously ill in hospital. He had to have an operation, without which he would most likely have died. During this time I spent every available visiting hour at the hospital, bringing him anything he wanted and tending to his every need. Washing him after he has been unable to move in bed for three sweaty days was among many of the things I did for him, but nothing was too much trouble, as I love him. Thankfully he is now fully recovered. One of the great things is that he now gets a free yearly flu jab, so for three years he has been fit and healthy. Unfortunately this week, just two weeks before he is due for this years jab he has got a cold. Yesterday he insisted he had a temperature, when I checked and told him he didn’t he would not believe me. He then said he was “delirious”….. hmmmm I think that may be a slight exaggeration since he was managing to work, drive and hold a telephone conversation with me at the same time! Then this morning he developed a croaky voice and blamed it on swollen glands, which on inspection were normal, the voice oddly seems to have gone back to normal now! ? Ok so he is a bit sweaty and he says he aches, which I have no reason to disbelieve so I have tried to be sympathetic, I have made him drinks, fetched things, ensured he has plenty of fluids and paracetamol etc, however I made him dinner last night, which he complained "wasn’t cooked right and may give him the runs." This morning as requested I made him a bacon sandwich for breakfast, with a screwed up face he said it tasted "too fatty" and was left uneaten. Finally for a second attempt at breakfast this morning I made him marmalade on toast, which again was his choice, only to see him poking it and asking if he was “on some sort of "marmalade rationing." I have now told him that he is a bad patient and that he can get his own dinner, is this unreasonable, i dont think so!
Added by emcical (female)
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