Big Girl In The Making

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Side 1 says... My girlfriend is gaining weight. It's an issue for me. I've busted my butt to maintain a good body for her and I expect her to do the same. She won't go to the gym. She's eating very unhealthy. Plus she smokes.

I've lost a lot of my sex drive towards her and see myself looking at other women at the gym. I'm no cheater, but I have never had the wandering eye til now.

I don't know what to do. I want her to listen to me and cut some weight. That's all I find wrong with her. I know I have my faults and I do everything in my power to fix them FOR HER. I just want her to do the same.
Added by fatBurner (male)
Side 2 says... What an a$$hole. You'd think you'd have a little more restraint in describing it like that. I am only 10 pounds over my ideal weight (I'm 5' 8" 145lbs).

And that's a fault for you? I've been in a funk. So what? You are so overbearing on me I can't take it. You are like that guy iin Sleeping With The Enemy that has to have everything perfect. Nobody is!

You want to fix something for me? Fix your snaggle tooth. It's disgusting. And I doubt people are going to side with you here. But, just to prove what an a$$ you've been with this, I'll see how many agree with me.
Added by Pumpkin (female)
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