Friend Who Doesn't Feel The Benefits Of FWB

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Side 1 says... I started messing around with a mutual friend about 8 years ago. I never initiated anything with him, he just always used to do things like crawl through my window at night and sneak into my room (we were in college) without my roommate knowing or anything. Once, when he got a new car, he picked me up and we promptly had relations. We did this "messing around" for about a year... as long as I lived in that house. But it really wasn't ever me who initiated it. And, he was married.

He has since gotten a divorce. I was totally out of his picture and he out of mine until about 7 months ago. Then, both single, we started to be friends with benefits again.

After 7 months, many times shared together, I am just supposed to accept that we are "consenting adults." He has no aim of ever making me a girlfriend, and insists that he doesn't know what he is looking for. But he want the benefits to continue. He wants to be my friend for 10 hours per day, talk on the phone for 1, and then have benefits for a few minutes or hours a day.

Me, I decided that I don't want anything anymore. He acts like he wants me, but really doesn't. I think I should end the relationship all together. He thinks we need a cooling off period.
Added by RezRocket (female)
Side 2 says... She doesn't get it. Just because we have spent time together, she needs to understand that I don't have to do anything different because we have spent a lot of time together. I don't think we have to change status now because I am just not ready to do that in my life.

I can't handle this stuff. I can handle the friendship stuff. I want to be her friend. We are older people and it is not enough in a friendship to just hang out, have a drink, a smoke, etc.

I want to focus on the friendship, it is better that way. I think this has to stop because I am not ready to do anything else yet.
Added by EveryDay (male)
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