My Girlfriend Won't Have Dumpster Sex With Me!

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Side 1 says... Well, my girlfriend and I have been dating for seven months now and have been having sex for six of those months. We both get off on having sex in public places, and our favourite spot has always been in a, food, doesn't matter. Something about that dumpster setting is just hoooot.

But lately Paula has been really uninterested in having sex in a dumpster. When I ask her, she says no or tries to get me to have sex somewhere else. I even tried driving her to a dumpster and giving her a romantic present (some lingerie) but she made me take her home and have sex in our backyard instead.

I don't know what to do! I'm at my wit's end. I don't want to make her do something she doesn't want to do, but I can't get off very well if I'm not in public... and lately, if I'm not in a dumpster. I admit that I have been going to dumpsters just to masturbate, since she won't have sex with me.

She stopped wanting to have dumpster sex about two weeks ago... which is also about the time that a hobo happened to see us and ask if he could join in (and I might have let him.. since he didn't smell or anything...) and she freaked out and got really embarrassed and made me take her straight home without even finishing.

Is she not being totally unreasonable?!
Added by cindy (female)
Side 2 says... Cindy is RIDICULOUS with this dumpster sex thing.

When we started dating, I was open to her weird fetish. I have weird fetishes myself, so it's not in my place to judge. I mean, I enjoy the outdoor sex. I enjoy having sex in public. I like the thrill.

I'm open to all sorts of sexual experimentation, but this is too much.

I've never enjoyed to dumpster sex. I've tried to enjoy it for her sake, but I just don't think I can anymore. It is absolutely disgusting and I can't go along with it anymore. Being seen by that hobo was the last straw. It made me realize just how horrible the whole thing really makes me feel. I'll admit it's kind of kinky being so grossed out by what I'm doing, but that's not the point.

I'm all for having sex in public or trying new things with sex, but this is just something I can no longer do. I tell Cindy this and she just gets angry! I don't get why she can't realize I'm not okay with this and just try doing other things instead.
Added by suppaula (female)
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