What should I do about this situation?

I met my current wife in 1999, and married the same year. We build our home in Texas, where shortly after, I was arrested for credit card fraud and parole violation. an eventually incarcerated. My wife packed up all our things and moved back to her home state of Florida, to live with her family. After sentencing, we agreed I would try to transfer to Florida, in order to be near her so we could continue to rebuild and repair our lives. (also 1300 miles from my own family an freinds) Well, I was able to transfer there ; but as soon as I arrived, in one of the few conversations I had with her; she informed me she had sold 27,000.00 worth of collectables to a local man for 725.00. Then, she disappeared, and told the prison that I was to have no contact with her. Something that almost created more problems for me during my incarceration.

So, I had little choice but to go forward from there. Upon release, I returned home, got a job, and started rebuilding my life. In June of 2009, she contacted me through facebook, thanking me for how well her life is going. She was going through a divorce and ready to live!

Having moved past it all, I was open to being freinds and that's how it went. Sporadic emails and a few phone calls amounted to just that. After a few months, she informed me we couldn't be freinds because she had met someone and it was progressing nicely, so our freindship wouldn't work after all. A week after that she emailed me saying she never divorced me and was still in love with me and needed to see me.

In the process, my feelings now are turned to anger that she would revisit this on me now! And, she married and divorced somone while we were married! What should I do????
By Socal 15 years ago :: Marriage
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