My husband publicly humiliated me in front of his business accociates...can I forgive him ?

My husband went as far as to tell his business associates at a Christmas party about my red ass......."red as a monkey's ass" as he stated. After I got out of the tub...he apparently got a kick out of the fact that my ass was red. So he waited until we got to that nights business Christmas party to comment. He was not drunk. He loves to tell jokes. He loves to be the center of attention.
I have to continue to see these people. This was over four years ago. I can't seem to get past this and this summer he made another hurtful remark to this same group. It seems to me he has no respect for me and is trying to establish this fact for them....they kinda treat me as though ....I'm a bitch. What should I do?
to this same crowd
By Thumper 15 years ago :: Marriage
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