How do my husband and I make our marriage work. It's hurting our lives with our families and social life.

My husband and I have been married 8 years. I was never married before and he was and has 2 adult children. We seem to not be able to communicate without fighting. I will talk to him about something and he will say I'll change and within a couple of days, he's back to the same behavior. Some days we will spend a entire day being miserable. The next day, he will tell me he loves me and thinks things will be fine. They are for awhile, then it happends again. I get really frustrated at him and I feel we are both hurting each other. I think we truly love each other, but we can't seem to connect in a lot of ways. Sometimes I want to give up but then I feel I would miss him. Any suggestions on my part to be able to get through to him in a way that it will change our disagreements.
By Rianna_28 15 years ago :: Marriage
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