Am I right about the heating issues here?

The weather has turned cold, and once again, my husband and I are at odds.
Our power bill, as with everyone, goes up significantly in the fall and winter due to the heater, which is electric. My husband pays it; it is around $300 a month in the dead of winter. After a record breaking summer here in Seattle, it has turned very cold very quickly. We live in a 12'x60' mobile home; he sleeps at the east end, and I sleep in the living room on an airbed, due to back problems and a spinal fusion. My daughter and 8 month old grandson sleep in the middle room, which is closest to the heater, and my son sleeps in the west end. We are all smokers. (Please, no smoker bashing here.) I have 2 issues:

1) My husband says he needs to be warmer in his room. He keeps the door closed, and uses only one blanket at night. He keeps the heat up to 70 degrees all night long to stay warm, while I and my daughter and grandson roast. I sleep in a cool room so I do not catch a cold and sleep well. I have a cold now as I write this, it came on yesterday. I say it is healthier (and less expensive) to sleep in a cool room.

2) We go into another part of the trailer, if not outside, to smoke, so as not to smoke around the baby. We open a window in the kitchen to air out the smoke for 10 to 15 minutes. My husband gets upset about a window open; "it costs so much to heat this place in the winter". Yet we need to have the heater on all night long?

He and I had a confrontation yesterday about the window being open; I told him keeping the heat on all night was the real problem, not the window. He doesn't believe me when I tell him that it is unhealthy to sleep in a warm room all night (and I am paying the price now).

Should he be making such a fuss about the darned window open? And am I right about sleeping conditions? This argument is so silly it's too funny, but it is for real. Input would be most welcome, whatever the opinion. Thanks!
By Ariyanna 12 years ago :: Marriage
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