Need ideas for a compromise....

My husband and I got into a fight a few days ago. He was watching football (I hate football) and I freaked out on him. He says sports are his hobby and I need to support him in that. He claims he doesn't watch it a lot compared to a lot of people. But its not just football...its baseball and basketball too. As soon as a season ends another starts up. He checks ESPN all the time also. When he's not watching sports- he's talking about it. I think its frustrating to me b/c when he watches it he tunes me out... I can be sitting right next to him and its like he can't hear me. I wouldn't mind if it was one sport but its three and I feel like I'm constantly competing with a dumb game. But, he says we need to come to a compromise on the subject so he can enjoy sports and I don't feel neglected. Any ideas?
By JLexG 14 years ago :: Marriage
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