twenty five year marriage spouse rather scratch twenty dollars daily lottery tickets.

I cant get my husband to see, buying food and stuff for the house is important. He fights with me if I go and spend what he calls to much for food or stuff. Even if I go to a yard sale.. He complains to no end. He thinks $150.oo for the week is to much for food.. This is for six people. He buys twenty dollars of tickets a day. withdrawls two times daily from bank. Says hes playing on winners. We are drowning in debt. He keeps saying he does this because he knows a winner is coming.. Ugggh! He cant see why i am upet. We have a house two kids to support two other fully grown. We own a house that we all share expenses. Daughters and husbands rent rooms off of us. He is on disability and i am laid off. I have been getting our clothes at yard sales and getting food at times from food pantries.. Theres never enough.. I tell him he needs help for gambling He says he does not if i dont like it go.. Its his house. The loan is in his name. The deed is in both of our names. What should i do stay in the house, get a atty and have him leave or should i leave. I feel we should not suffer because he has problems. I dont want to lose our house. This effects all of us living here that are not addicted.
By kaybee 15 years ago :: Marriage
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