What should I do or say to my husband about the wonderful way he responds to every other woman?

Been with him for over a decade. He was a really sweet guy for the first few years, we finally got married this year and it seems like with every other woman in this world, he smiles, has nice compliments and is very gentle like. When it comes to me, He is sarcastic, smirks and snaps at me, if for instance I ask him "how his day was" his responce is- in aloud nasty voice" Why?". I love him, have always supported his dreams, compliment him but, to no avail, he does not return the sentiments. He makes sure he has the latest fashions, cologne, electronics, but If I do the same in his eye,s im doing it for another man. Whats wrong with this picture? What is screaming at me but im to blind to see it?
By Jismarriednow 15 years ago :: Marriage
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